Lošinj (Losinj)


Lošinj is an island that extends from the north Adriatic Sea to the southeast, in length of nearly one hundred miles. Once that was only one island, and today is one of the most developed islands in the Adriatic. It consists of the islands Lošinj, Cres, Unije, Ilovik, Vele and Male Srakane and Susak. Lošinj is proud of its crystal clear sea, clean air and rich flora and fauna.


The climate of the island Lošinj made it recognizable worldwide. The island is known as a health resort. The mild Mediterranean climate has suitable affect to the respiratory system. There is also a center for hemodialysis newly opened. The island is so profiled as health – tourist destination. The difference between the average annual highest and the lowest temperature is low, which favors the development of vegetation. On the island we can find oranges, lemons, figs, tangerines, olives, cacti, Lavado, pine and many other Dalmatian and Istrian plant species.

Losinj then and now

Lošinj was uninhabited until 13th century and in the 19th century town of Lošinj became the second most important port on the Adriatic coast, just after Trieste. The people on the island were famous as seamen and skilled in making sailing. Because of that Lošinj had six shipyards. The city become a big shipbuilding and shipping power in the Austro – Hungarian monarchy. The development of tourism in Lošinj began in the late 19th century when health tourism appeared. Lošinj was a favorite resting place of the Austro – Hungarian aristocracy. They built villas on the island that are still there today. The island is now ideal for the mental and physical rest, and not necessarily only in the summer.


In whichever part of Croatia you go you’ll find jazz. So Lošinj has a jazz festival for nine years in a row. But more lasting cultural program on Lošinj are Osor Musical Evenings. It is a classical music festival that takes place in Osor, in the cathedral. Works by Croatian composers are being performed so the festival is promoting Croatian musical creativity. Besides culture, Lošinj offers numerous walks, viewpoints and coves where you can run, dive and walk. Or you can just enjoy the fragrance of the island.

Do not miss

The island of Lošinj is a leading location in Dolphin Research. The association that researches dolphins is Plavi svijet. The dolphins inhabit the seas around the islands of Cres and Losinj, and every first Saturday in August is their day. Dolphin Day Program is composed of lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and it is recognized by the major exhibition of children’s art on sea and dolphins. If you become a fan of dolphins, you can can always adopt one. Your donation would help the work of the association, and you can brag to friends that your dolphin swims somewhere around Losinj!

Name of Mali Losinj may not be associated with wild parties and famous nightclub. This island offers a holiday with just focusing on vacation. Downshift, stop and literally smell the herbs. They are waiting for you in Lošinj!

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