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Year by year Croatia is increasingly strengthens its position on the world ranking of concert events. With performances of renowned artists it successfully stands side by side with the metropolises of the world. With organization of festivals and concerts various taste in music is satisfied. We bring you in details overview of all the festivals and concerts.


Museum is an inevitable institution even in a smallest city. Exhibitions are held in Galleries, Libraries and in various locations which are the most suitable for every artist. Every artistic movement is represented. If you wish to see work of the great world artists or meet the mind and soul of a Croatian artists, we will make your search easier.

Congresses and fairs

Continuous investments in the construction of quality convention halls with impressive technological equipment as well as professional services encourage the growth of organization of congresses. Various fairs and congresses are held in every region. The ambiance is various. Whether it is an event in a hotel, theater, castle or in the open you can find it on our list.


No matter what is the time of the year or the theater season, plays are held throughout the year. With season ending in cities, theater can be visited in the coastal area in a pleasant environment. Premieres and dates of very play you can find out in one place. Plays with serious character, plays for children or if you only need a good laugh.

Sports events

Croatia is known for its quality athletes who achieve success one after another. Every sporting activity that you can imagine is represented. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in sport professionally, recreational or you are a visitor. Conditions of competition and ticket prices for certain sporting event are available. In every part of the country you can attend an attractive sporting event.

Other events

Even in the smallest part of Croatia, various manifestations take place. We are presenting them in a special section. Celebrations of an important dates that would be a shame to miss. Presence at this events and their accompanying events is a great way of knowing customs and tradition of a country.


During the whole year Croatia can be proud of many festivals. Film, music, cultural or gastronomic festivals are spangling our country with a rich programme. Those events are aimed for everyone and everyone is welcomed. If you want to learn more about Croatia and its culture, than you shouldn’t miss some of the festivals like Pula Film festival in july, Terraaneo music festival in August, Zagreb Film festival in October, Croatian food and wine festival in November and many others.