Dubrovnik walls

Dubrovnik City Walls

The city walls of Dubrovnik are one of the largest fortification monuments in Europe. They stretch to a length of 1940 meters and fully surround the city. They consist of a main wall, a number of towers, bastions and fortifications. The walls have preserved to this day thanks to the skillful builders and caring citizens.

The walk along walls of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. You will feel like you are in the theater or on the set of a movie inside of the walls. During your walk you can enjoy the charming cafes or have a cold drink and still enjoy the view. In fact, within the walls you’ll feel like you’ve entered another city.

Although the city walls are impressive, what is inside of them is just as interesting. Culture Club Revelin is a unique place at the entrance to the old town of Dubrovnik. Revelin is one of the fortress and now and modern space that accommodates a couple thousand enthusiastic visitors. There are concerts of various artists, DJs from around the world, and all who seek for fun will find something for themselves.

But that’s still not all the charms that walls hide. There is also one of the oldest pharmacy in Europe, and it is interesting that it is still in service. Pharmacy has a valuable fund of books and two thousand recipes, and part of it is exposed in the museum along with pharmaceutical supplies.

When you have already visited the city walls, you have to drink coffee in Stradun, a popular promenade in the city. There you’ll meet tourists from around the world and discover the city’s soul. And while you’re at Stradun, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the concerts that take place in front of the church Sv. Vlaho. This is where the popular Croatian and foreign artists, bands and orchestras perform. Also, in Dubrovnik, concerts Stars Under the Stars are being held for nine years in a row. These concerts are located at locations near Dubrovnik luxury hotels, and perform only a very select names from the music scene.

Dubrovnik city walls in the media

One of the most popular tourist portal Trip Advisor, placed the Walls among the top 10 world historical wonders. The walls are now among the Taj Mahal and Macchu Picchu. A good number of tourists who had already visited the walls agree with this.

Although the Dubrovnik did not need additional advertising, the news that the series Game of Thrones is filmed there, is welcome! Several shots were recorded on the city walls, and the fortress Lovrijenac and Bokar are a very convincing background.