Kopacki Rit

National Park Kopački Rit

Kopački rit covers large era of 17 000 hectares in the Eastern Croatia. It is the best preserved moist habitat in the entire Europe and it was created due to the activity of two rivers, Drava and Danube. The exceptional beauty of the landscape, rich greenery and various animal species are the reason of many visitors. For the second year in a row Kopački Rit offers a special advantage, One summer day in Kopački rit. During that tour program is available at lower prices.

Its unique wave look is the result of stunning game of nature and it can be called natural pearl of Slavonia for sure. Grout deposits in one area, while in the other, ground constantly deepens. In that way ponds and elevated areas are created which watching from above look like curves. In 1993 Kopački rit was included in the Ramsar list of areas which include moist habitats of international importance.

Kopački rit is quite interesting because of the 295 bird species that live on its territory, and there are also many species of fish, mollusks, insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Birds can be seen as part of a special program which is held during the year. During one visit you can see up to 70% of the species. You can have your own bird which carries the name you choose for her. Kopački Rit offers the possibility of adopting a bird. You get a certificate, and if the bird is spotted anywhere in the world, park sends you an information so you always know where your bird is.

You can discover special zoological reserve in a boat tour with a professional guide. The boat takes you through the amazing world of the Danube floodplain. On this journey, you have the opportunity to take a peek into the life of many bird species. From the wild geese and herons over to the distinctive eagles. In the warmer months you can experience unspoiled nature in a bike ride, which is available for rent.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature there is Castle Tikveš in the middle of the park. Romantic castle complex consisted out of New Castle, Old Castle, a chapel and a restaurant where you can take a break with a rich offer of the traditional dishes. With prior notice, professional guide will conduct you through the educational trail to introduce you to the origin of the Kopački rit and its rich flora and fauna.

Contact info:

Javna ustanova park prirode Kopački rit

Titov Dvorac 1

31 328 Lug, Hrvatska

031/ 285 370

Castle Tikveš – 031/ 285 394