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Croatian islands are for everyone who wish to enjoy small fisherman villages, domestic food and clear sea in a peaceful and stress free environment.


Lošinj is an island that extends from the north Adriatic Sea to the southeast, in length of nearly one hundred miles. Once that was only one island, and today is one of the most developed islands in the Adriatic. It consists of the islands Lošinj, Cres, Unije, Ilovik, Vele and Male Srakane and Susak. Lošinj … Continue reading Lošinj


The island of Mljet is situated in the very south of Croatia, and it is a part of Dubrovnik‘s archipelago. Mljet is considered to be the greenest Croatian island, and with its sweet salty lakes, diversity of flora and fauna it secured his status as one of the most beautiful islands. Mljet is also the … Continue reading Mljet


The island of Ugljan is located in the Zadar’s archipelago and it is one of the largest Croatian islands. Zadar Canal divides the city of Zadar and Ugljan, but a ferry which drives even in the night, connects them. The island is connected to the sea, sailing and fishing and for many years it is … Continue reading Ugljan


The largest Croatian island, the island of Krk, is an attractive tourist destination. It’s on a favorable geographic location, and is well known for the cultural heritage for which it was named the cradle of Croatian culture. The Baska Tablet was found in the church of St. Lucija in Jurdanovo near Baška. That is an … Continue reading Krk