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Ivan Lupis

Torpedo – lat. Torpedo mramorata (torpedo fish) Inventor of the torpedo, Ivan Lupis was born in Rijeka, on 28th of January in 1813. He attended high school and then nautical school there in his hometown. Further education Lupis got at Naval Military Academy in Venice. Ivan Lupis started his military career as a cadet in … Continue reading Ivan Lupis

Faust Vrančić

Faust Vrančić is a genuine representative of renaissance. He was born in 1551 in Šibenik. His interest range was very wide. He was a famous scientist, diplomat, engineer, polyhistor, royal secretary, priest and a bishop. Education and work Faust’s uncle Antun Vrančić took care about his education. His uncle was a famous and respectable diplomat … Continue reading Faust Vrančić

Medical Info

Croatian ambulance is one of the fastest in Europe. Professional medical team comes minutes from your call. There are hospitals and clinics in all major cities across the country. In smaller towns you can request help in first aid stations and emergency departments. If you need medications, pharmacies are also easily accessible. In Istria during … Continue reading Medical Info

Ivan Gundulić

The spirit of the Roman Catholic Counter – reformation, meaning the turn to the Christian spirituality, pessimism and awareness of transience, left a strong mark on Croatian literature in the 17th century. Christian piety profoundly informs both epic and lyrical works of the greatest Croatian baroque writer Ivan Gundulić, born in Dubrovnik in 1589. That … Continue reading Ivan Gundulić

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency contacts: Unique European number for emergency cases: 112 Emergency: 194 Fire department: 193 Police: 192 Road Assistance: 1987 National center for search and rescue at sea: 155 General information: Info about local and district telephone numbers: 18981 Info about international phone numbers: 11888 Weather forecast and road conditions: 11802 Croatian automobile club (HAK): 060 … Continue reading Important Phone Numbers


Kuna became Croatian official currency on National day, 30.05.1994. It replaced the use of former Croatian Dinar. Kuna ( eng. – musteline) was selected because of the significant role of its fur through Croatian history. From the use as a means of naturalized payments, in time it takes on a function of money. Kuna is … Continue reading Currency