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Some of the most popular historical figures in Croatia’s history who helped shaped the country with their inventions and art.

Ivan Lupis

Torpedo – lat. Torpedo mramorata (torpedo fish) Inventor of the torpedo, Ivan Lupis was born in Rijeka, on 28th of January in 1813. He attended high school and then nautical school there in his hometown. Further education Lupis got at Naval Military Academy in Venice. Ivan Lupis started his military career as a cadet in … Continue reading Ivan Lupis

Faust Vrančić

Faust Vrančić is a genuine representative of renaissance. He was born in 1551 in Šibenik. His interest range was very wide. He was a famous scientist, diplomat, engineer, polyhistor, royal secretary, priest and a bishop. Education and work Faust’s uncle Antun Vrančić took care about his education. His uncle was a famous and respectable diplomat … Continue reading Faust Vrančić

Ivan Gundulić

The spirit of the Roman Catholic Counter – reformation, meaning the turn to the Christian spirituality, pessimism and awareness of transience, left a strong mark on Croatian literature in the 17th century. Christian piety profoundly informs both epic and lyrical works of the greatest Croatian baroque writer Ivan Gundulić, born in Dubrovnik in 1589. That … Continue reading Ivan Gundulić

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant minds in history of mankind was born on 10th of July in 1856. in Smiljan, a village nearby Gospić. He was inventor and physicist born in Croatia, with Serbian origin. Father Milutin was an ortodox priest, and mother Georgina was a housewife. Nikola Tesla never recovered from death … Continue reading Nikola Tesla

Marin Držić

Marin Držić, poet, dramatist and director, is the most important name of the Croatian Renaissance literature. He was born around year 1508 in the former Republic of Ragusa where the influences of the Italian Renaissance art were quickly visible in the domains of theatre and literature. Držić soon had the opportunity to develop his dramatic … Continue reading Marin Držić