Trakoscan Castle

Trakošćan Castle

Trakošćan Castle is a popular tourist destination, as a part of the school trips or to an individual visitors. It was built in the 13th century as a small castle in romanesque style. Castle is situated in Bednja, on the hills of Zagorje region. Various rulers governed castle Trakošćan, but the most significant was Drašković family. They even build one part of the castle. The Drašković governed the castle from 1568 to the 1944, when the castle was nationalized.

To achieve its today appearance, castle was often renovated over the years. Its red roofs and white towers are rising at the top of the hill among the abundance of greenery. As you approach to the castle, climbing by the beautifully arranged footpath surrounded with trees, you are secretly entering in the world of cavalrymen, knights and their maidens. And before you know it, you start listening to the sound of horses in gallop. There is a romantic chapel of St. John in the immediate vicinity of the castle. Pine trees are surrounding the chapel and it is arranged in the late baroque style.

Carefully decorated rooms that continue one after another are arranged on several floors. In the front of each room there is a brief note of its content and purpose. The rooms, which are highly conserved, contain valuable examples of Baroque furniture, and rich collection of weapons from the 15th to 19 century. Such an authentic view of life of that period, gently introduces you to the time when the castle lived to the fullest. The corridors are filled with portraits of former rulers and detailed family tree of Drašković family.

Nowdays, apart from the permanent exhibition, there are also periodical exhibitions. From the museum shop you can take with you a valuable souvenir as a reminder of this fabulous surroundings. Balconies and terraces provide a perfect view on the lake beneath the castle. On the lake there is also a restaurant, which besides gastronomic offer provides renting a pedals.

Working hours:

  • In the summer (1st of April to 31st of October) – from 9am till 18pm
  • In the winter ( 1st of November to 31st of March) – from 9am till 16pm

Ticket prices:

  • Adults 30 kn
  • Children 15 kn


Trakošćan Castle

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