Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and it is located in the northwest part of the country. It is situated on the southern slope of the Medvednica mountain and at the coast of the Sava river. Because of its convenient geographic position, Zagreb is located on the important road junction between Middle and South East … Continue reading Zagreb

Ivan Lupis

Torpedo – lat. Torpedo mramorata (torpedo fish) Inventor of the torpedo, Ivan Lupis was born in Rijeka, on 28th of January in 1813. He attended high school and then nautical school there in his hometown. Further education Lupis got at Naval Military Academy in Venice. Ivan Lupis started his military career as a cadet in … Continue reading Ivan Lupis

Faust Vrančić

Faust Vrančić is a genuine representative of renaissance. He was born in 1551 in Šibenik. His interest range was very wide. He was a famous scientist, diplomat, engineer, polyhistor, royal secretary, priest and a bishop. Education and work Faust’s uncle Antun Vrančić took care about his education. His uncle was a famous and respectable diplomat … Continue reading Faust Vrančić


Pula is situated at the south-west tip of the Istria peninsula, and it is the largest city of the Istria County. Beautiful intact nature, blue sea and mild climate makes the city a popular tourist destination. City is more than 3,000 years old, its history begins with the arrival of the Romans so the majority … Continue reading Pula

Medical Info

Croatian ambulance is one of the fastest in Europe. Professional medical team comes minutes from your call. There are hospitals and clinics in all major cities across the country. In smaller towns you can request help in first aid stations and emergency departments. If you need medications, pharmacies are also easily accessible. In Istria during … Continue reading Medical Info