Renaissance Fest in Koprivnica

Renaissance festival in Koprivnica

Truly unique historical festival in this part of Europe is based on a faithful view of lifestyle in the 15th and 16th century, and it is held in late August in the city of Koprivnica. This period is of great importance for Koprivnica because the Renaissance fortresses which hide exciting stories were built then.

The entire complex of medieval fortresses during the festival returns back in time and provides an unforgettable experience for every visitors. Visitors can meet the knights and their maidens, peasants, innkeepers and learn something about the old crafts. The festival area is filled with camps, tents, towers and weapons of that time. There is a medieval theater, while the entertainers of that period provide an exciting entertainment.

Festival is very proud to the fact that plastic items will not be used. Entire cuisine and beverages offer will be served in wooden and ceramic dishes. Special attention is paid to the medieval brewing industry and to a beer preparation on that way. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste nettle beer out of authentic ceramic jugs. In fact, thanks to the nettle plant, Koprivnica got its name. Besides beer, there is also a diverse offer of wines from nearby vineyards and old Croatian beverage, mead.

There will be more than thousand domestic and foreign costumed participants at the festival, while the number of visitors increases every year. The entire festival is spiced up with traditional dishes prepared by the original recipes, with the show, which includes fire and rich music background along with the attractive belly dancers.