Medical info

Medical Info

Croatian ambulance is one of the fastest in Europe. Professional medical team comes minutes from your call.

There are hospitals and clinics in all major cities across the country. In smaller towns you can request help in first aid stations and emergency departments. If you need medications, pharmacies are also easily accessible.

In Istria during the tourist season you are free to ask for help in tourist clinics.

At your disposal are additional medical teams who are constantly on the field. During the summer season several medical teams are also patrolling daily Croatian highways and major state roads.

If there is Health Care Convention between Croatia and your country, you do not have to pay for medical services. Otherwise, if the Convention has not been signed, medical services are charged by the price list.

If you need assistance of private doctor or dentist, their service will be charged by full price.

In medical emergencies transport is available by a plane, helicopter or a boat.

If you are a resident of European Union, is likely that you have your European Health Insurance Card with you. Travel health insurance is necessary to avoid additional problems.

For medical emergencies or assistance you can call 194 at any time of the day or night free of charge.