Krk Gastronomy

Gastronomy on Krk

Gastronomy is one of the strong points of the island Krk. Olive oil, goat cheese and smoked ham, should be mentioned but that’s just an appetizer. The island lamb was once prepared for the Roman kings so do not miss it. A new word that you will learn in this article is šurlice. It’s pasta served with goulash and grated cheese, which used to be served only on holidays or special occasion. Sweet dishes are based on fresh cheese and figs, and some often sweets are fritters and kroštule.


Croatia is a country of wine so Krk has its glory. Vrbnička žlahtina is specific because it succeeds only in Krk’s vineyards and Vrbnička field. This wine is light yellow colored and fresh flavored because of the harsh climate. Besides žlahtina there are other varieties, mostly white.

When you return from a vacation on the island take a bottle of žlahtina and olive oil that will remind you of a good time on the island!