St. Peter's Cathedral in Djakovo


Đakovo, a city in the heart of Slavonia, is proud by its rich history. Its residents describe it as the city with the most beautiful cathedral from Venice to Istanbul. There is the most beautiful view of the city from the top of the cathedral.

Đakovo then and now

Numerous archaeological sites are saying about the history of the city. The excavations confirm the existence of life in this region since the Neolithic. Đakovo was, like many other Croatian cities, under the Turkish rule. During this time, all the Catholic churches were destroyed and mosques were built. However, the 17th century after the Turkish rule, the city is relieved and the building begin.


The Cathedral in Đakovo, or Basilica of St. Peter is an unavoidable tourist attraction of the city. The Cathedral was build by a Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, and the construction itself lasted for 16 years. Cathedral is a superb example of neo-gothic Roman style, and is embellished with seven altars, numerous frescoes, statues and reliefs.


City Đakovo has many events such as the famous Đakovački vezovi. It is a traditional International Folklore Festival, which runs for two weeks. The cars decorated with flowers are passing through the streets, there is dancing at city squares and choosing the most beautiful national costume. There are also held equestrian competitions, art exhibitions and music concerts.

Do not miss

The stable in Đakovo is still one of the sights. Horse breeding began in early 16th century, with ten of Arabian horses and one stallion. During the episcopate of Bishop Strossmayer they started to breed Lipizzan horses instead of Arabic. Horse breeding continues in the State Lipizzaner stud farm which is one of the oldest in Europe.

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