The island of Ugljan is located in the Zadar’s archipelago and it is one of the largest Croatian islands. Zadar Canal divides the city of Zadar and Ugljan, but a ferry which drives even in the night, connects them. The island is connected to the sea, sailing and fishing and for many years it is traditionally associated with olive growing. Thousands of olive trees that produce high quality oil of exceptional flavor grows on the Ugljan.


The island of Ugljan has Mediterranean climate with very dry summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is above 15 ° C, the average temperature of the warmest month, July is 24 ° C and the coldest, January is 12 ° C. Bura usually blows in the winter, jugo prevails in spring and autumn, and in the summer from the west blowes Maestral, the pleasant breeze. Stable and good weather with sunny, often bright and warm days prevails in summer and early autumn.


Numerous summer manors of famous noble families from Zadar that adorn Ugljan were built during the reanissance and baroque. In the center of Ugljan, on the beautiful sandy beach is the monastery of St.. Jeronim with a gothic church. The island is full of small and large churches with the characteristics of various styles. Church of St. Hipolit dates from the 11th century, and is characterized by late baroque altar. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the entire island. Cape of the island was named after the church of St. Peter which was built in the Romanesque building style.


Enthusiasts of active vacation Ugljan certainly will not disappoint. Among the recreations on the solid ground, there is cycling, tennis and soccer. If you spend your time by walking, decorated Lungomare tracks follow the coast and pass through the centuries old pine trees. The tracks are suitable for hiking, and may include steeper parts. If you wish to enjoy in the water sports, you can learn scuba diving, rent a boat or kayak. Swimmers will love the numerous sandy beaches, of which the most beautiful one is in the Muline bay.

Must see

Ugljan is a popular tourist destination, adorned by blue sea, tranquility and shade of pine trees. With the sights that the island offers, various excursions to nearby islands and national parks are also unavoidable. Memorable experiences in nature, the scent of lavender, beautiful vineyards and rich cuisine waits for you in the national parks Krka, Telašćica, Kornati.

Etnoland Dalmati is the first theme park of this kind in the country. Its visitors learn about the the past way of life of the Dalmatian zagora through the customs, tradition and socializing which also makes this park unique.

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