Slavonian Kulen

Traditional Croatian Culinary Delights

Below are several of the most known culinary artworks originating from Croatia. No matter what region of this country you’re visiting you’re bound to find something interesting, so if you’re looking for something new and unique for your tastes make sure the delights below aren’t skipped!

Slavonian Kulen

Slavonian kulen is one of the most famous Croatian traditional products. This dry sausage is the most famous food product and treasure of Slavonia. Due to its unique mode of production and preparation, this gift of Slavonian region to all lovers of dried meat products, is proclaimed as a product of exceptional importance for Croatian regions Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmia.

Pag Cheese

Pag cheese is the most famous and most awarded Croatian cheese. This product is the winner of numerous international awards and it is protected as original Croatian product. Pag cheese is made from sheep’s milk that comes from Pag indigenous breed of sheep. Smell and taste of cheese are defined by specific vegetation and conditions to which this Croatian island is exposed.

Dalmatian Prosciutto

Dalmatian prosciutto, a local specialty, is blend of traditional Dalmatian cuisine, climate and lifestyle that characterizes Dalmatia and the local population. Due to the specific taste and unique traditional way of production, this Dalmatian delicacy is considered as one of the best products of Mediterranean cuisine. The term originated from the Latin word perexsiccatus, which is in Italian modified as prosciugare, meaning “completely dry”.

Istrian Prosciutto

Istrian prosciutto is protected product and a true gift of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. It is protected by geographical origin and must be produced exclusively in inland of Istria , at least 12 kilometers (7.46 Miles) away from the sea. Thus resulting in the ideal combination of marine and continental climates.

Sisačka Salama

Sisačka salama is a traditional Croatian dried meat product. This product is the result of a long tradition of Sisak area and has been included on the list of products that bear the “Croatian Creation” trademark. This salami is successful product thanks to the experience and work of old butchers from Sisak area, who passed their knowledge from generation to generation.